Hello Minecraft!

Some parents have been hit with the Minecraft bug. Not a techy bug that messes computers up, but an addictive video game that converts most kids into Notch fans and Creeper kids. We’ve gotten the Minecraft bug — I’VE got the bug!

My twin 9 year old boys came home and wanted to play it. At first glance, it appeared like some retro-low-graphic-pixelated game and I didn’t get it. I let them play the free account for a bit and finally let them share 1 account. Yes, just 1 account between two boys. It’s only $26 but I wasn’t sure how it all worked so we took it slow. And I didn’t quite know how the whole Online Multiplayer experience would be structured (how many bad people are on there???).

Well, now I’m on this Minecraft Cart crazy roller coaster! But I love it. I’ve always loved video games and once I understood Minecraft (and the boys helped explain it to me) I realized it’s like virtual Legos. We have gone from 1 shared account only playing the Single Player (not online) to 3 accounts in the house playing Online Multiplayer and creating/running our own server!

I’ve learned a lot and want to share these learning’s. Look for future posts on the benefits of Minecraft and I’m working on a Cheat Sheet for Moms & Dads.


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